GB Elf Keycap Set – Good and Bad News Update

We have good news and bad news. For the good one, the colors turns out to be as vibrant as the rendered. The bad news is the surrounding surface of the keycap (the one that you don’t touch) has some major color degradations which we consider unacceptable at this price range (unwanted fading gradient). While this is something happening out of our hands, we are pushing the maker to fix this issue as soon as possible. On the half of our team, we are very sorry for this inconvenient, that to let you wait for a bit longer to finally mount this lovely set on your boards. While the maker does not guarantee the final date to get things done properly, our projected estimation for the finish time would be no later than the end of March, 2023, due to the Chinese New Year in February. We will work closely with the maker and keep you updated with the latest information. We hope you will bear with us this unwanted event. Thank you and have a nice day 🙂 Please have a closer look at the color issue here: ,,


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