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[GB] TuT Bubble Tea Keycap Set


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Introducing the TuT Bubble Tea Keycap Set: where beauty meets functionality in a symphony of Cherry profile elegance and PBT dye-sublimation craftsmanship. Just like sipping on your favorite bubble tea, these keycaps are designed to add a dash of sweetness and a burst of color to your mechanical keyboard setup. With a deliciously inspired theme, every keystroke becomes a delightful journey. Get ready to infuse your typing experience with the delightful essence of bubble tea, and let your keyboard truly pop with personality. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities and a keyboard that’s as unique as you are!


=== SALE INFO ===

  • Pre-order period: Oct 13th – Oct 19th
  • Fulfillment starts after 2 weeks (or sooner)
  • Free shipping globally



  • Profile Cherry
  • PBT Dye-sub
  • Designed & manufactured by TuT


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