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[GB] Through75 Keyboard Kit


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Through75 adopts Force Break structure on the shell, many aluminum alloy shells will have metal resonance sound after the finished product, Force Break solves this problem very well.

A third medium is added between the upper and lower lids, so that the upper and lower lids of the metal are not in direct contact, thus reducing the resonant sound of the metal.

The customized 30° flexible silicone sleeve has only two circles on top, which reduces the contact area with the upper lid and reduces the resonance.

T75 is a natural structure, support TOP, gasket dual structure, is expected to have five kinds of positioning plate material matching options, five kinds of positioning board materials and two kinds of PCB plus two shell structure to shape 12 kinds of matching schemes (non-slotted PCB + aluminum, slotted PCB + FR4 positioning board), different formulas with the sound from stuffy to brittle, feel from soft to hard have their own characteristics, waiting for you to match.


– Timing: Nov 10 – Nov 22, 2023

– Production will be done in 2-3 months (estimated)



– Case Aluminum 6063

– Gasket/Top mount

– PCB 1.6mm non-cut/1.2mm flex cut

– Plate Aluminum/ PC/ PP/ FR4

– 3 modes: USB Type-C, Receiver 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth

– Battery: 3000mAh

– 4 colors of choice: Black (Anode), Silver (Anode), Red (Anode), Milky White (E-coat)


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