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[GB] The Primal Mecha Artisan Keycap


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— The Primal Mecha —

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From 16th Oct until 5th Nov 2023

Shipping will begin by the end of January 2024



Astrovert embarked on a cosmic journey that led him to the 2957th day. In the enigmatic Deep Space Zone, he pursued a stray comet, Mc.Voyager X, and stumbled upon an astonishing discovery— an enormous, translucent planet. This celestial wonder was the head of a colossal entity called Mechraken, its intricate mechanical systems concealed within. Astrovert marveled at this cosmic anomaly, pondering the mysteries it held and how it might reshape his understanding of the universe.

Product spec:
Collection name: The Prime Mecha

Designs: 3

Colorways: 6

Profile: Similar to SAR1

Dimensions: 1U

Special effect: LED translucent / articulated parts (selected)

Inside the package:

  • The Primal Mecha keycap / The 2C2T-bot holder
  • Kraft paper box
  • Manual Package (1) including User guide (1) and rubber finger gloves (2)
  • Stickers
  • Arty card



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