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Once upon a time, there was a designer who loved to bring his passion for the finer things in life into everything he created. He was always on the hunt for new ways to elevate the everyday and make it special. One day, as he sipped on a warm cup of mulled wine on a chilly winter’s night, he was struck by the rich, deep hues of the drink and how it seemed to shimmer and glow with depth.

And so, the idea for the Dark and Mulled keycap set was born. The designer was inspired by the beauty of the drink and wanted to bring that same sense of sophistication and elegance to the world of keyboard design. With two distinct versions inspired by the hues of the drink – a deep, dark purple and a rich, dark red – the designer set out to create a keycap set that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a pleasure to use.

The keycap set features a unique double shot design, with a translucent top layer that allows the bottom layer to show through, giving the keycaps a frosted look that’s sure to catch the eye. The top layer is slightly transparent, creating depth and dimension to the design, while the white layer at the bottom provides a crisp, clean look that sets the tone for a warm and inviting environment. As you type away on your keyboard, the frosted finish of the Dark and Mulled keycaps will give your fingertips a comfortable, satisfying feel that inspires creativity and productivity. So why settle for a bland, boring keyboard when you can elevate your setup with the Dark and Mulled keycap set?


And now, the designer has added a new color creation to the Dark and Mulled keycap set – Ultramarine. This brilliant shade of blue brings a touch of the ocean’s depth to the keyboard, creating an even more beautiful and captivating look. With its vibrant and bold color, the Ultramarine keycap adds a pop of color to any setup and gives you an instant sense of calm and tranquility. Whether you prefer the richness of the dark purple or red versions, or the calming energy of the Ultramarine, the Dark and Mulled keycap set has something for everyone.



  • Material: Full ABS (Dark & Mulled), ABS & PC (Ultramarine)***

  • Legend printing: Double shot

  • Number of keycap: 167 (Dark & Mulled), 140 (Ultramarine)

  • Profile: Cherry

  • *** Special note on the Ultramarine, the Spacebars both in Blue and White color is Polycarbonate (PC), which are prone to shine, please look at this picture before buying the Ultramarine: https://imgur.com/VNhLhri. The other keycaps are normal ABS.


  • Duration: 14 Feb – 19 Feb 2023

  • Estimated Fulfillment: Late March the shipment begins


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    [In-stock] ICK x FNK – Dark, Mulled & Ultramarine
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